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Sunny Leone Penthouse


Sunny Leone Penthouse Pet of the Year 2003

Sunny Leone first graced the cover of Penthouse magazine in March of 2001 at their Pet of the Month. This made her eligible for the 2002 vote to be named the Penthouse Pet of the year for the next year which was in 2003 and which she won!

Sunny Leone Penthouse

Penthouse March 2001 – Pet of the Month issue
Sunny Leone (cover) photographed by Jay Allan.

Sunny Leone Penthouse

Sunny Leone Penthouse

Sunny Leone Penthouse

Sunny Leone Penthouse

 Sunny Leone Penthouse  Sunny Leone Penthouse


Sunny Leone Quick Facts

I know I’ve seen Sunny Leone before. Besides adult movies, what else has seen Jukes done?

Well, in addition to her adult films, Sunny Leone’s mainstream media career has included starring in Vivid’s recent popular Showtime series “Debbie Does Dallas…Again;” working as an interviewer on E!’s Wild On; has introduced other adult industry performers in a VH1 program and was a red carpet reporter for the “After Dark” program coverage of the Sundance Film Festival. for Sunny was in Ja Rules’ “Livin’It Up” music video and was twice on the Howard Stern show … one on December 11, 2002 and once on November 4, 2003.

Sunny Leone has a great body. Can you tell me her exact measurements?

34B-24-34. Her breasts are real (no boob job). Even though officially she says she has 34B breasts, I think she has a large B or small C cup. Sunny Leone is 5 foot 4 inches tall.

Is Sunny Leone married or cheap NFL jerseys does she have a serious wholesale NBA jerseys boyfriend?

Sunny Leone has been hot and heavy with her boyfriend Daniel Weber for years. He even helps her run her adult movie company Sunlust Pictures. News reports have come out of India in 2013 that they are now married. He also goes by the name of Dirrty and is known as Ariel King, Update: Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are now officially married.

It has been widely reported that Sunny Leone is full blooded Indian with typical Indian parents and that usually means traditional and strict. What in the world do they think about their little girl being a porn star?

Sunny Leone has said before that her parents are traditional in some ways but in others, not as strict. Compared to most of the people Sunny knows her parents however were considered very, very strict. However their main objective for both their children (Sunny has a brother) is for them to be prepared for the future with a strong education. They wanted their kids to be lawyers into or doctors but in the end support their children no matter what they decide to do.

Sunny says that because of her Sikh heritage, it has helped her in her every Leone day life, deciding right from wrong. She believes in karma and that everything you do comes back to you and life after death. She thinks it is important to be the best person you can be. Which probably explains why so many people call Sunny Leone such Traumwetter a delight to work with and be around.

Sunny Loves Matt was huge. Is she still dating Matt? I heard they broke up and she only does wholesale NBA jerseys girl / girl again.

While is is true that the movie Sunny Loves Matt was huge and probably one of ASEGURAMOS the best selling Sunny Leone movies to date, Sunny Leone and Matt are no longer together. Our sources tell us that Sunny Leone and Matt broke up around December of 2007. But do not let that worry you. Our friends over at Vivid tell me they have a few more movies of Sunny Leone doing men in the can already before the big break up. But beyond that, things aren’t all so bad. While it is true Sunny Leone is dong some girl / girl in her movies she is also performing in girl / boy scenes with her current boyfriend who goes by the name of Dirrty or Ariel King.


Sunny Leone Biography

Sunny Leone’s biography is truly a fascinating read. She’s had such an eventful and interesting life. Sunny Leone is far from your typical porn star and she’s defiantly not like any India girl you’ve ever met before. She goes to parties, she’s confident, intelligent, and has been posing nude for years. She was the Penthouse Pet of the year for 2003 and has been under contract with Vivid Video for the last 2 years making adult movies. Until recently she had only performed on camera with females, but as of mid 2007, Vivid announced that is all going to change and Sunny is going to start having sex with men on camera!

One look at her and it’s easy to see how she started modeling, she’s just amazingly beautiful. But what most don’t understand is how a sweet little girl from a traditional Indian family could have gotten into porn. As any porn fan knows, very few Indian women get into any kind of porn, but especially not one from a traditional family. Amazingly her family is supportive of her even though they wish she would discontinue acting. Lets hope that doesn’t happen!

When she signed with Vivid it was a very unusual deal. I guess the best way to describe it would be a test the waters contract. In short, Vivid signed her at first to a two movie deal. At the end of the two movies, they would see if she was happy with this kind of work and even more importantly, if her movies were selling well. For the most part, it’s Vivid’s policy to not sign any girls who refuse to work with males … but this girl is clearly special and she convinced the President of Vivid herself to give her a shot. Turns out, they didn’t need two movies to test the waters, the first movie was a major hit. The fans loved her and her Tritraining movie flew off of the store shelves. And it is no wonder why! How could you not love this luscious beauty?!

She first signed with Vivid in 2003 but in her original agreement she would only perform on camera with other females. Luckily for us, that would change in time, but throughout the first contract she has done some of the sexiest movies and photo shoots with other women, such as Aria Giovanni, Brea Lynn, Monique Alexander, and Celeste Star to name just a few! In 2007 she renegotiated her contract with Vivid, removing cheap nba jerseys her female only clause and her first movie where she would perform on camera with a man, SUNNY LOVES MATT was in the works.

In March of 2001 she was selected as a Penthouse Pet of the Month. In the holiday issue of that same year she was named a Hustler Honey and in 2003 she was named the Penthouse Pet of the Year, beating out such mega names as Devon and Briana Banks. Her photo layout with Penthouse was really the first time anyone had heard of this stunning actress.

It was also about this time she started her own website. She is a self proclaimed geek who not only ran her own website (at the time) but also loves her iPod and can’t live without her cell phone. She is a modern kind of girl who loves her toys just as much as the boys do. But really who is this fantastic girl? Where does she come from? What makes her who she is? Let’s find out just that ….

She was born on May 13, 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to traditional Indian parents. Her father was born in Tibet while her mother is from a small town in the mountains on India. When they married they moved to the Punjab region of India and eventually to Canada. They had two children, one son and a daughter, who would grow up and one day and become a world famous porn star.

She officially became a US citizen in 2006. Actually she will have dual citizenship with Canada and America. An immigration attorney out of Miami that I spoke with tells me that this is more common nowadays. She is very vocal about her political views. She was a huge supporter of Senator John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election, but couldn’t vote because at the time her citizenship wasn’t complete. That same year she was part of “No more Bush Girls”, where along with several other popular adult actresses, they shaved off their pubic hair in protest of the Bush presidency. She believes if she had never left Canada she would not have become a porn star, but fate has funny ways of leading people to their destiny, and surely that is the case as she is one of the most beloved porn stars in the world. Amazingly enough in one interview she stated she would never do hardcore boy-girl scenes. I guess never say never! Amazingly she has managed to become one of the world’s most popular porn starlets and she is only 27 years old! She is 5’4″ and weighs about 110 pounds.

In 2008 Vivid Entertainment signed a deal with some fancy footwear company to produce a line of Vivid branded shoes and Sunny Leone and Monique Alexander were selected as the models for this new line of shoes.

Vivid Shoes 1Vivid Shoes 2Vivid Shoes 3Vivid Shoes 4Vivid Shoes 5Vivid Shoes 6


Sunny Leone has enjoyed a great working relationship with Vivid as a world famous “Vivid Girl” but she wanted more and that more meant that she would need to develop her own line sort of like Jenna Jameson did before her with Club Jenna and Tera Patrick did with Teravision. Her partner Daniel Weber (aka Dirrty, aka Ariel King) helped her launch her own label called SunLust Pictures. Her first year she released two movies, the first being The Dark Side of the Sun and starred Sunny Leone, Penny Flame, Brea Lynn, Celeste Star, Tony Desergio, and Ariel King. The movie was cheap jerseys okay, the sex was hot but the editing left a lot to be desired. However the title sold well. Sunny Leone was hot and watching her suck a cock was a rare treat for her fans so of course everyone wanted to get their hands on this movie. In time the SunLust line of movies got much better and things started to go really well for her. She was quickly climbing up the porn star popularity charts at sites like Fame Registry.

Dark Side of the Sun

Sunny Leone was on top of the world. Or so she thought. Then one day in 2011 a phone call came that she didn’t quite expect. The producers for a reality TV show in India were looking for a gimmick to boost ratings and they came up with the idea to bring in a porn star in the traditionally very conservative country. They knew putting a porn star on their TV show would cause a media frenzy and ratings for their reality show would skyrocket. They were right. But what they didn’t expect is how amazingly popular Sunny Leone became. She was an overnight sensation in India.

The reality show called Big Boss is a lot like the American reality show called Big Brother. Sunny Leone was brought in on day 49 as what they show called “a wildcard entry” – this was week 8 of the 14 weeks that the show would last. Originally she didn’t reveal who she was to her fellow housemates. Being sequestered into the Big Boss House Sunny Leone or her castmates had no idea about the insane media frenzy that was going on, on the outside about the presence of Sunny Leone on the show. Everyone was sure Sunny Leone would quickly be voted out of the house but they would be wrong. Sunny Leone would go on to almost win it and last until week 13 of the show – the show would end a week later (at week 14). Sunny admitted in a later interview that every week she expected to get voted off and after each time she didn’t she suspected something was going on and thought that her presence might be causing more of a media stir than people had thought it would and she figured that is what was keeping her in the house for as long as she lasted. But again because of the way they keep the people in the house secluded she really had no idea how her fame was skyrocketing.

While she was in the Big Boss house her then then boyfriend (soon to be husband) was keeping up with her twitter account on her behalf and was playing witness to the Sunny Leone insanity that was going on first hand. He did his best to keep her new legion of fans updated and informed about what was going on, or as best he could considering the constraints of the show and the very little communication they had.

When the show ended Sunny Leone was invited to be a part of the show’s big season finale episode and she was also in talks to star in a major Bollywood production, Jism 2.

The 10 movie would open in 2012 to a few protests and mixed reviews. Srijana Mitra Das of the Times of India rated the movie 3.5 out 5 and stated, “Jism-2 is a sexy movie – but it’s not as dirty a picture as you might expect. Surprisingly, Jism-2 hovers over sex, like a butterfly gliding across one of the many water pools the movie features. Jism-2 offers several surprises, foremost being Leone’s performance.”

In the end, like all movies it comes down to what the movie made – the all mighty dollar or in Hollywood speak – box office gross. Jism 2 performed strongly on its opening day at the box office with collection of around US$1.37 million, which means it made more than the movie cost to make – (the movie budget was 1.27 million). Jism 2 scored well over its first weekend due to a good opening including paid previews at around US$3.73 million. After three weeks its total was US$6.36 million. No matter what critics may have said about the movie, it made them a lot of movie. To give you some sort of comparison, the original movie Jism (from 2003) which was said to be such a big hit, grossed 132,500,000 Indian cheap jerseys rupee, which Box Office India called “above average”. Google tells me that converted to US money is $2.44 million. So Sunny Leone’s version made way more than the original.

In December of 2012 we learned that Sunny Leone was the Most Searched Indian Celebrity on the net in 2012, while Olympics bronze winning boxer M.C. Mary Kom was chosen Yahoo! India’s Person of the Year in the website’s Year in Review (YIR). The review “reflects topics that dominated the daily online habits of Indian net users across 15 categories. This combines search trends with the editorial selection of what users read, recommended and shared most on the Yahoo! network in India during 2012”, a Yahoo statement said.

But being top of Yahoo searches wasn’t enough for Sunny Leone. She too topped the Google charts in 2012! Google’s annual Zeitgeist list is out for 2012 and it says adult film star Sunny Leone was the most searched personality in India this year. Sunny ranks 4th in the overall list of top searches in the country.

Around this same time we learned that she signed a deal to promote Manforce Condoms and signed an endorsement deal for a mobile phone company in India. There has been no porn star -ever- in the entire history of porn that has enjoyed the massive success that Sunny Leone has.

In January of 2013 AVN awarded Sunny Leone with their “Crossover Star of the Year” award at their annual awards show held each year in Las Vegas. That same month it was revealed that Forbes magazine ranked Sunny Leone number 71 on their hot 100 Indian celebrity list.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about Leone: “The former Canadian adult entertainment star made her entry into Bollywood with the movie Jism 2. According to Yahoo India’s Year in Review 2012, she attracted the most number of online searches among celebrities in 2012 in India. In 2013, she will be seen in Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS 2.” Forbes India also ranked Leone No. 88 in money and No. 54 in fame.

Is Sunny Leone now a retired porn star? Actually no she オフィシャルサイトサイトをオープンしました。 is not. While it is true that in August of 2012 Sunny Leone announced she would be taking a two year hiatus from porn so that she can move to India and immerse herself in the culture in hopes to improve her ability to speak the language and land her more prime, mainstream Bollywood roles and since making porn in India is a major no no she has to take a little break. But not to worry, she promises her fans she’ll be back.

Here are some photos of Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber from November of 2012 when they were invited to walk the runway at the Rohhit Verma Fashion show.

Sunny Leone India Fashion Show 2012 - 1Sunny Leone India Fashion Show 2012 - 2Sunny Leone India Fashion Show 2012 - 3