Sunny Leone Quick Facts

I know I’ve seen Sunny Leone before. Besides adult movies, what else has seen Jukes done?

Well, in addition to her adult films, Sunny Leone’s mainstream media career has included starring in Vivid’s recent popular Showtime series “Debbie Does Dallas…Again;” working as an interviewer on E!’s Wild On; has introduced other adult industry performers in a VH1 program and was a red carpet reporter for the “After Dark” program coverage of the Sundance Film Festival. for Sunny was in Ja Rules’ “Livin’It Up” music video and was twice on the Howard Stern show … one on December 11, 2002 and once on November 4, 2003.

Sunny Leone has a great body. Can you tell me her exact measurements?

34B-24-34. Her breasts are real (no boob job). Even though officially she says she has 34B breasts, I think she has a large B or small C cup. Sunny Leone is 5 foot 4 inches tall.

Is Sunny Leone married or cheap NFL jerseys does she have a serious wholesale NBA jerseys boyfriend?

Sunny Leone has been hot and heavy with her boyfriend Daniel Weber for years. He even helps her run her adult movie company Sunlust Pictures. News reports have come out of India in 2013 that they are now married. He also goes by the name of Dirrty and is known as Ariel King, Update: Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are now officially married.

It has been widely reported that Sunny Leone is full blooded Indian with typical Indian parents and that usually means traditional and strict. What in the world do they think about their little girl being a porn star?

Sunny Leone has said before that her parents are traditional in some ways but in others, not as strict. Compared to most of the people Sunny knows her parents however were considered very, very strict. However their main objective for both their children (Sunny has a brother) is for them to be prepared for the future with a strong education. They wanted their kids to be lawyers into or doctors but in the end support their children no matter what they decide to do.

Sunny says that because of her Sikh heritage, it has helped her in her every Leone day life, deciding right from wrong. She believes in karma and that everything you do comes back to you and life after death. She thinks it is important to be the best person you can be. Which probably explains why so many people call Sunny Leone such Traumwetter a delight to work with and be around.

Sunny Loves Matt was huge. Is she still dating Matt? I heard they broke up and she only does wholesale NBA jerseys girl / girl again.

While is is true that the movie Sunny Loves Matt was huge and probably one of ASEGURAMOS the best selling Sunny Leone movies to date, Sunny Leone and Matt are no longer together. Our sources tell us that Sunny Leone and Matt broke up around December of 2007. But do not let that worry you. Our friends over at Vivid tell me they have a few more movies of Sunny Leone doing men in the can already before the big break up. But beyond that, things aren’t all so bad. While it is true Sunny Leone is dong some girl / girl in her movies she is also performing in girl / boy scenes with her current boyfriend who goes by the name of Dirrty or Ariel King.